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Other Filter Vessels

Hongtek filter vessels are designed for economical water filtration,can effectively remove the impurities in liquids.According to different requirements,water filter vessels can be made of stainless steel and engineering plastics,can withstand high pressure for good sealing.Water filter vessels are available in loading different filter medias,make customers fluid lines more productive and effective.

Rocker Arm Type S.S.Multi-cartridges Filter Housings

Rocker Arm Type S.S.Multi cartridges filter housings are made of high quality SUS304,SUS316 or steel lining rubber,designed for process filtration requiring large flow rate which capacity from 13 units to 150 units water filter cartridges.SUS Multi cartridges filter housings are widely used in pre RO,chemicals,electronics & cooling water filtration industry....

FRP Softener Vessels For Water Treatment

We are one of leading supplier of FRP softener vessels tanks from China.FRP Softener Vessels are made of seamless Polyethylene and strengthened Fiber Reinforced Plastic(FRP) liners,are roved by FRP filament and sealed with high quality epoxy resin,good filter tanks for general commercial and industrial water treatment...

Stainless Steel Single Cartridge Clamp Filter Housings

Stainless Steel Single Cartridge Clamp Filter Housings are made by SS304 and SS316,with T-bar clamp closure,easy to operate and quick filter cartridge change out.The stainless steel single cartridge filter housings accept filter cartridge sizes in 5",10",20" and 30" with various end cap styles.The SS cartridge filter housings are ideal choices for applications requiring high temperature and wide chemical compatibility....

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