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Liquid Filter Bags

Industrial liquid micron filter bags designed to solid-liquid separation requirement for many important industrial fields,filter bags are very welcome by worldwide industry filtration materials importers! Filter felts materials of liquid filter bags are available in Polypropylene(PP),Polyester(PE),Nylon(MON) which made by the world's advanced technology.The top of liquid filter bags can be made with stainless steel or zinc plating O-Ring and PP plastic ring

Bag Pleated Filter Cartridges

Bag Pleated Cartridge Filters are made of high quality pleated depth polypropylene,combine the performance advantages of filter cartridges and filter bags which use in industrial liquid bag filter systems.It provide high quality benefits and economic value.Synthesize the technologies of filters and filter bags,customers could have more convenient choose it.We could be your reliable filters OEM supplier !...

Liquid Filter Bags

Leading professional industrial filter bags manufacturer from China,supply liquid filter bags OEM service.Your reliable liquid micron filter bags supplier from China.High quality filter bags micron filter bags available in polyester,polypropylene,nylon(NOM),with welded or sewing technology.Economical filtration for solid-liquid separation industry....

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