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Extra-long String Wound Filter Cartridges


Extra-long String Wound Filter Cartridges are new developed filtration product by Hongtek China,made of continuous filament yarn along with strong polypropylene and spiral stainless steel center cores.Specially designed and developed for boiler water systems of power production facilities Extra-long fiber means longer than the normal one 50 inch,60 inch and 70 inch for some areas and dimension housing.Long service life,high flow rate and nicety precision make it good effect to meet requirement of increasingly stringent boiler feed water fields.


- Wound Filter Cartridges have excellent flow rate and long service life
- Wound Filters are fine chemical compatibility for different applications
- Extended stainless steel thread adapter,easy installation into existed housing
- Extra-long String Wound Filter Cartridges are high resist-pressure and no distortion
- Extra-long wound cartridges have large area and long size suitable for high flow applications


Solvents Drinking water   Microelectronics    Paints and coating
Biopharmaceutical Cooling and Boiler Water Water filtration for power generation   
Pre-filtration of RO system and desalination of sea water 


Filter Media  PP,Bleached Cotton,Glass Fiber ( roving or threadiness )
Long size 50"(1270mm),60" (1524mm),70" (1778 mm) etc.
Micron Rating 1μm, 5μm,10 μm etc.
ID 28mm ,30mm
OD 2.4"(61mm), 2.5"(63mm)
Core Material PP,SUS304,SUS316L
End Cap Extended Core,  Extended Thread Adapter 1 3/16"(1.19")
24 threads/inch , Extended Thread Adapter 1/4" 20 threads/inch


Max. Operating Temperature Polypropylene : 60℃(140℉)                        
         Bleached Cotton with SUS Core : 150℃(300℉)      
 Glass Fiber with SUS Core : 400℃(750℉)
Max. Differential Pressure 2.7 bar at 27℃ (50 psi at 80℉)
1.4 bar at 60℃(20 psi at 140℉)
1.0 bar at 80℃(14 psi at 176℉)
Max.Operation  Pressure 2.0 bar (29 psi)


Glass Fiber Extra-long String Wound Filter Cartridges for power plants water filtration in stock:

glass_fiber_wound_filter  glass_fiber_wound_cartridges


Extra-long String Wound Filter Cartridges are installed housings for cooling and boiler water filtration.



For Example: HTESW-BC-T-E-05-60-4-EX

Hongtek  Extra-long String  Wound Filter-BC:Bleached Cotton -T:30mm - E:63mm - 05:5μm - 60: 60" (1524mm)

- 4:SUS 304 - EX - Extended Core

HTCSW Material ID OD Rating Length Core Material End Cap Style



 String  Wound


PP:Polypropylene A:28mm C:60mm 01:1μm 50: 50"(1270mm) PP: Polypropylene EX - Extended Core



T:30mm D:61mm 05:5μm 60: 60" (1524mm) 4:SUS 304

T24 - Extended 

Thread Adapter 

24 threads/inch

RGF: Roving 



  E:63mm 10:10μm 70: 70" (1778 mm) 6:SUS 316

T20 - Extended Thread 

Adapter 1/4" 

20 threads/inch

TGF: Threadiness  

Glass Fiber 


Other special specifications continious string wound filter cartridges customized sizes


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