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HF Series High Flow Pleated Cartridge Filters


HF Series High Flow Pleated Cartridge Filters are a superior product developed by Hongtek company, the outer diameter usually make 6 inch (152 mm),coreless and outside hard framework,single open end when the another end is sealed with O-ring end cap,liquid flow from inside to outside pattern.The large diameter design of high flow pleated cartridges enlarge big filtration area to save the quantities of filter cartridges,high flow rate when good filtration efficiency,wide of applications and chemical compatibility,excellent filtration material for industrial fluid filtration system.


- The highest flow rate of pleated filter cartridges could get 110 M3/H
- Gradient pore structure of high flow pleated filters provide layered filter function
- High flow pleated cartridge filters are well filtration efficiency and reasonable cost
- The reduction of filtration system maximum 50% when use pleated high flow filters
- Out-to-in filtration constriction of mass flow pleated cartridges ensure holding all impurities stay inside the filter
- The Normal size of mass flow pleated filters have 20 inch,40 inch and 60 inch,special specifications can be customized


- Paints and coatings 
- Microelectronic,film and resin
- Water filtration in Power generation
- Solvents, API and water filtration in Bio field
- Pre-filtration of RO and sea water desalination
- Bottled water,high fructose,edible oil,soft drink and milk


Filter Media PP Melt blown,Pleated glass fiber,Pleated depth PP
Length 20"(508 mm),40"(1016 mm),60"(1524 mm)
Outside Diameter 6 inch (152 mm)
Filtration Rating 1μm,4.5μm,6μm,10μm,20μm,40μm,70μm,100μm
Support/Drainage Polypropylene (PP)
End Cap Material Glass fiber reinforced Polypropylene (PP)
Seal Material EPDM,NBR


Maximum Operating Temperature PP Melt Blown: 65℃
Pleated depth PP: 82 ℃
Pleated glass fiber: 121℃
Maximum Differential Pressure PP Melt Blown: 1.03 Bar at 65℃
Pleated depth PP: 3.4 Bar at 82 ℃
Pleated glass fiber: 3.4 Bar at 121℃
Suggested maximum flow of water 20.69 inch length: 660 LPM
40.69 inch length: 1,300 LPM
60.69 inch length: 1,900 LPM
Recommend Change out Differential Pressure 2.4 Bar at 20 ℃


pleated high flow filters installed

 - Long service life and easy to replace,save some costs
- Pleated cartridge with an inside to outside flow pattern
- High flow rate & low delta pressure,absolute rated filters are designed
- Depth pleated structure,large filtration area and high dirt holding capacity
- High flow pleated cartridges have outside framework to make stable structure and reliably sealing


HTHFF Length Material Filtration Rating O-ring Material

Hongtek High Flow Pleated Cartridge Filters

20: 20" PP:PP Pleated 1:1μm E:EPDM
40: 40" PM: PP Melt Blown 4.5:4.5μm N:NBR
60: 60" GF: Pleated Glass Fiber 6:6μm  

For Example:


High Flow Pleated Cartridge Filters - Length:20"-Material:PP Pleated- Filtration Rating: 1μm - O-ring Material:EPDM


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