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Jun 19, 2017

Wastewater Treatment Process

In the cities and urban areas where human beings are living, wastewater flows into the local sewer system. Most of sewer systems are combined sewer systems, which deal with groundwater, reclaimed water and wastewater every day. They are treated in the wastewater treatment plant before released.
So the process to treat wastewater is called wastewater treatment process, also known as sewage treatment process or water pollution control process.  It is a basic water treatment to remove most pollutants from wastewater. It combines physical and biological process, taking  5 major phrases: screening treatment, primary treatment, secondary treatment, disinfection, Sludge treatment. In the final stage, it takes 3 steps: thickening, digestion and sludge dewatering.(See illustration "Diagram of Wastewater Treatment Process")
In the cities, water treatment plants are built. Industrial facilities, machinery equipments and relative materials are purchased and replaced for the plants. Water filter housings and Cartridge filters play a very important role for the treatment process.