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Apr 25, 2016

Soft Drinks Filtration Technology

Soft_Drink_Filtration  Soft_Drinks_Filtration


Soft drinks are non-alcoholic or alcohol content of less than 0.5% (mass ratio) of beverage products. The main raw material of soft drinks is drinking water or mineral water, fruit juice, vegetable juice or plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruit extract liquid, some with sweeteners, sour agents, perfumes, preservatives and other food additives. Filtration technology is a key step in the production of beverage, suitable filtration system must be able to filter out particles in the feed solution, suspended solids, colloids and other impurities, before and after filtering, beverage tastes and nutrients, no great changes in style.


Series cartridge filters and filtration systems Hongtek offer, has become an ideal choice for beverage filtration!


Filtration Purposes
- Removal of particles, suspended solids, colloids and other impurities in raw water
- Production filtration clarification of syrup and other additives, flavorings
- Filter microbial sterilization , increase the biological stability of soft drinks
- Water filtration of production, such as washing water to remove impurities in the water particles, microbes, bacteria


Filtration Flow Chart



Application Requirements
- Terminal filter having a microbial control reliability, durability
- Adsorption of filter is low, no adsorption and adhesion in production process preservatives and other substances
- High flow, structural stability, strong filtration capabilities, to meet the large-scale production of soft drinks during the filtration requirements


Filters Recommended

Hongtek Filter Cartridges Filters Function

PP Melt Blown 

Filter Cartridges

Affordable for pre-filtered to remove large particles of impurities 

in raw water, etc. 5μm

String Wound 

Filter Cartridges

High dirt holding capacity for pre filtration, 5μm

CTO Activated Carbon 

Cartridge Filters

Adsorb chlorine, bad taste, odour and other impurities for raw water 

pre filtration, 5μm

PP Pleated Membrane 

Filter Cartridge

Multi-layer membrane designed for viscous liquid containing colloidal 


Pleated High Flow 

Filter Cartridges

High flow rates and good holding impurities for raw water pre filtration, 

1,μm,5μm,20μm etc.

PES Membrane Pleated 

Filter Cartridges

High flow rate, long life, suitable for wine, draft beer and other terminal 

sterilization filtration

Nylon Membrane Pleated 

Filter Cartridges

Economic, efficient and suitable for precision filter sterilization

Hydrophobic PTFE Pleated 

Filter Cartridges

0.01μm, suitable for sterile gas filter