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May 14, 2015

Pall Corporation Will Possible Be Sold


Foreign media exposed, water treatment and air filtration equipment manufacturer Pall Corp (Pall Corporation) is likely to sell, has entered the final stage of the auction, while Danaher and Thermo are potential acquirers.
In fact, back in September 2013, the instrument information network on Danaher reported a possible acquisition of Pall Corp, but at the time of the acquisition of Danaher only about $8 billion of funds. After a year of capital accumulation, Danaher current funding already acquired more than 10 billion US dollars, Danaher is likely to bid.
However, UBS (UBS) on Tuesday claimed to comment, Thermo Fisher will likely buy Pall Corp.
Analyst Jonathan Groberg believes combination Thermo + Pall Corp will be able to "create an output value of 1.5 billion US dollars of biological products giant." He analyzed that the possible acquisition of Thermo Pall biopharmaceutical company $1 billion in services, in order to enhance its annual sales of $600 million of biological products business.
He predicted that the acquisition of Pall Corp will be value-added of 8% in the first year, and the large-scale transaction may to end in 2016.
As a one of leading filtration products suppliers, Hongtek will continue effort to learn from Pall, research and development of more and better high flow filters to help more partners in need.