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Jun 21, 2017

Maintenance Methods of High Flow Filters


Maintenance methods is only apply in those high flow pleated filters which with inside to outside filtration structure.
1. Check the O-Ring firstly, and seal the clean High flow Pleated Filter, lie flat in the sealed slot.
2. Moisten the O-Ring with process liquid.
3. Take down the packing bag, cover the head, then screw down the ring and compress the bolt.
4. Open the deflation valve of the top shell completely.
5. Open the inlet valve a little bit, and allow the liquid to enter the housing until the liquid flows out of the bleed valve and then close the bleed valve.
6. Open the outlet valve slowly until completely, then open the inner valve slowly until completely.
7. Wash the filter with the high flow between 5-10 minutes.
8. The filter can not stand with high flow impact and can not overload in the reverse direction.
9. If the high flow decrease rapidly, which indicate that High Flow Pleated Filter is blocked. Remove the filter then can wash filter’s surface with clean water .
10. If the High Flow Pleated Filter does not work , do not dry it, and preserve it in the housing, then inject the water or antibacterial water into housing, and rinse it cleanly when needs to reuse.