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Customer List

Hongtek offer a plenty of excellent filtration products to our customers. Following is a list of just a few customers who are enjoying the benefit of our products and services . You could get warm welcome if interested in to be our partner !

Axial Filter Systems Pty Ltd  (Australia)
Atlanta Water Group, LLC  (The Philippines)
Aqualink  (UAE)
Aquamodel  (Chile)
AGIC Industrie S.A. (Belgium)
Aexim Pharmaceuticals Ltd  (Bengal)
AES ARABIA LTD  (Saudi Arabia)
Accu Circuits (Nigeria)
Case Marine  (U.S.A.)
Canadian Environmental  (Canada)
Cofs Filters  (Egypt)
CV Solutions Inc. (The Philippines)
Chemsbro  (Saudi Arabia)
Candor Sweden AB (Sweden)
Claude Laval Corporation (USA)
DWA International Group Co.  (Saudi Arabia)
Desmet Group  (Belgium)
DWC-Water  (Germany)
Didier-Filter  (Germany)
Eartha live (Canada)
Ecologix systems (USA)
Emirates Industrial Filters LLC  (UAE)
Ellwest-pcb (Austria)
Filter Engineering Corporation  (U.S.A)
Filtros Y Refacciones  (Mexico)
Filterflo SRL  (Italy)
Filtrosyrefacciones  (Mexico) 
Grander Water Technologies Pty Ltd  (Australia)  
Gasper-filtration  (Germany)
Holland Filter  (Holland)
HITMA Filtration B.V  (Holland)
I.P.-Produkter (Finland) 
Infiltrator Systems Inc(U.S.A)
Industrial Filter (India)
Leon Industrial.com.ar  (Argentina)
Microbac Ltd  (U.K.)
Maano Filtration  (South Africa)
Mepcb  (Sweden) 
Medico Chemical Lab  (Denmark)
Microlube Filtration Systems  (Australia)  
National Filtration Products  (Canada)
Nigeria-oil-gas (Nigeria)
OTE Group  (Oman)
Outfrom The Blue  (Australia)
Placon Filters Pvt Ltd  (India)
Pan America Environmental, Inc.(USA)
Procalor  (Spain)
Profilter  (Indonesia)
QUICKSILVER  (The Philippines)
S.S. Filters  (India)
TAQUI Imam. S.M.  (Saudi Arabia)
Well-Flow  (U.K)
Wiking PCB  (Sweden)
Webfil Marketing  (Malaysia)