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Air Filter Cartridges

We are a famous air filter cartridges OEM supplier from China !Hongtek air dust filter cartridges are high dust filtration efficiency,wide chemical compatibility and long service life,are widely used for Spray painting dust filtering,pharmaceutical dust remove,carbonate factory dust cleaning,sand blasting operations gas filtration etc.Micron air filter cartridges are made of high quality filter medias and trustworthy industrial air filtration material

Polyester Fiber Dust Filter Cartridges

Polyester Fiber Dust Filter Cartridges,PE Air Filters,PE Air Cartridges China,PE Dust Filters OEM.PE Air Filters are made of ultrafine synthetic polyester fibers,to recycling and reduce the pollution of the environment,It is a air filter cartridge which widely used for paint industry air filtering,wood processing dust filter,pharmaceutical dust remove,carbonate factory dust cleaning and sand blasting operations gas filtration etc. We could be your good partner for industrial air filter cartridge...

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